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My name is Brett Anderson, the Managing Director of the Freestyle MMA Training Academy.

I am a Black Belt 3rd Dan and MMA, (Mixed Martial Arts) Instructor and I teach several styles, including Spirit Combat Ju-Jitsu, Muay Thai/ Kickboxing, Boxing, Children’s Martial Arts and Games. I’m also a Personal Trainer, for Health and Fitness and Strength and Conditioning, for any Sport.

I have a Certificate III and IV in Fitness. I also have my own mixed martial arts Academy called Freestyle MMA Training Academy. I am Black Belt 3rd Dan in Martial Arts a style called Spirit Combat which is a unique style developed in England by my Uncle, Professor Brian Dossett. This style has been used to train the British Police Bobbies, as well as the Armed Forces all over the world, in this self-defense system since the early 1960’s.

Spirit Combat

It is a combination of Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Aikido and Karate and I have also been teaching / coaching Muay Thai/Kickboxing in class format, as well as individuals with private tuition and personal training for over 20 years. I started Kickboxing when I was 19 yrs old and had many fights from Boxing, Kickboxing and Full Contact Karate Tournaments, were I became NSW Champion.

I fought 1 Muay Thai fighter on my 2nd fight and found he was one of the hardest fights I’ve had in my fighting career, that’s why I think I love Muay Thai, the Art of Eight Limbs.

Spirit Combat Ju-Jitsu also teaches Self- Defense and specialises in specific Ladies Self- Defense, systems and techniques not involving strength and the smallest of people can use it effectively.

Women's Defence

The reason we at Freestyle MMA Training Academy specialise in Ladies Self-Defense is because the techniques used, uses the attacker’s power and strength in a way that redirects their energy and power away from the victim or person in harms way.

This was brought about due to the London Ballet ladies and girls getting attacked, mainly at night after they had performed a concert. Once the ladies and girls started learning and using this Defense system, taught to them by my uncle Brian, Professor Dossett the attacks rapidly reduced, to the joy of the ladies, girls and their managers/ instructors delight.

Disability Aid

I’m also passionate about helping people with disabilities, such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Downs syndrome, Asperger syndrome and Cerebral Palsy Clients with great results in most cases. It’s mostly 1 on 1 and takes patience and requires building trust and rapport with both the Clients and their Carers.

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Instructor: Master Brett Anderson 3rd Dan Black Belt

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